Mathis Airport Road Zonings

Issue: An attempt to turn several parcels of land into commercial "CBD" zoning along what is currently a residential district.

Description: Two zoning applications are to appear for a vote at the 11/16 BOC meeting. ZA#3288 and ZA#3289 would result in transforming nearly 20 acres of land along the Mathis Airport Connector into a retail shopping complex. The center would have more than 700 parking spaces and 184K+ sq ft of retail space. The center is also proposed to encroach on a stream in the area.

Community Lead: Joshua Sacca

Directly Affected Communities: Laurel Springs, Hunters Run, Avington, other neighborhoods along the Mathis Airport Connector and Windermere Pkwy corridor.

Stakeholders: Dewey White, Potential retailers.

Developer: Dewey White

County Contacts: Commisioner Brian Tam

COMING SOON! - See a copy of the letter sent 10/17/2006 to the BOC regarding the Mathis Airport Road corridor.