We, the citizens of this county, recently approved a 100 million dollar bond to purchase greenspace and help preserve the rural nature of our county.  Well, we have our first opportunity and its right in our backyard!!!
The executors of the 150+ acre estate of the late Arlene Harrison have applied for a zoning change from agricultrual to mixed use development (ZA3468), seeking  over half a million square feet of office & retail shops and mid and high density residential housing.  This parcel is one of the last large parcels in South Forsyth and is located catty-corner from the Target/Home Depot at the intersection of HWY 141 and Brookwood.  The developer, however, has expressed interest in selling the residential portion of the development to the county for a park -- some 70+ acres -- and our District 2 commissioner, Brian Tam, supports this idea.  SGFC has named the proposal "Harrison Park."
In addition to being the last large land parcel in South Forsyth, the proposed development centers within an already over-developed Aquifer Recharge Zone (ARZ) surrounding Caney Creek which is also part of the Big Creek tributary to the Chatahoochee river basin.
This initiative represents a huge potential "win-win" for the county, the developer and the citizens.  Please email the commissioners and express your support for Harrison Park!!!  Lets make a difference and Keep on Believing!!!