This year the Citizens of Cordova, TN were looking for advice on how to approach their own fight to balance quality of life with growth in the neighborhood.  The plan was to locate a big box within ninety yards of an elementary school.   Because of the proximity of the site location to a school, along with the lack of infrastructure to support the store, Cordova citizens felt the location was inappropriate for a high-traffic commercial structure of that size.

Karen Mills, who headed up the citizen's effort to oppose the development, reached out to Smart Growth Forsyth County to help her formulate the group’s strategy.  Finding an organization who has “been there and done that” was a great relief for the concerned Cordova citizens.   At the end of their battle, they were successful in blocking the approval of the planned store in that location.  Below is a letter written to SGFC, thanking them for their assistance.
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Subject: Walmart in Cordova TN
From: "Karen Mills"
Date: Wed, October 22, 2008 9:37 am
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Mr. Slaughter,

I don't know if you remember me e-mailing you several months ago for advice,
but Walmart was looking to build a Super Center in my community
approximately 90 yards from my children's elementary school here in Cordova,
Our Land Use Control Board approved the site plan in July against the advice
of our City/County planning staff, but we appealed their ruling. We banded
together as a community. We hired an attorney and put together a sound
argument against the proposed development. This past Monday, our County
Commission voted in our favor and stopped the development from going
forward. Walmart has now publicly stated that they will not seek to locate

I wanted to thank you for your advice and words of encouragement at a time
when I most needed it. It was an uphill battle, but we won!

Again, your encouragement and advice was greatly appreciated. I hope all is
well in Forsyth County. With good leadership I'm sure it is.


Karen Mills