UPDATE!  The Georgia Urban Forest Council has awarded a Tree Legacy Grant of $20,000 to Forsyth County. The money received will be used in the planting of approximately 100 trees in Forsyth County's Central Park. 

Smart Growth Forsyth County supported Forsyth County's application for a Tree Legacy Grant.  The purpose of this grant program is to fund urban forestry projects in Georgia communities, that will help to achieve environmental goals.  This grant, offered by the Georgia Urban Forestry Commission, will be used to fund the planting of trees in Central Park.  Below is the text of the letter of support provided to Forsyth County for submission with the grant application.

Smart Growth Forsyth County, Inc. (SGFC) strongly supports the acquisition by Forsyth County of a Tree Legacy Grant offered by the Georgia Urban Forestry Commission to fund the planting of trees in Central Park, an important recreational facility in the county.

These proposed parking lot plantings represent an ideal opportunity to beautify the park as well as promote the park environment and the well-being of its users. Trees near impervious areas such as parking lots provide much needed shade on hot Georgia days for park-goers as well as automobiles, resulting in a more comfortable environment, less fuel evaporation from gas tanks and lower emissions. As they absorb and reduce airborne pollutants and particles trees also improve air quality, reduce allergy suffering, and promote cleaner stormwater.

SGFC feels strongly that the ability to plant trees at this location will work towards the benefit of the environment and the health and welfare of the community that enjoys this facility for generations to come.

<Original Signed>
Vern Zachgo
Managing Director
Smart Growth Forsyth County, Inc.