Smart Growth Forsyth County, Inc. was honored to have created the opportunity to attempt to craft an agreement between the LGC owners and the residents of the communities that surround it.  

We deeply regret that we were unable to make that happen.   We are very disappointed that what might have been an enduring, mutually beneficial agreement and compromise between competing interests was unable to overcome the obstacles before it.

I would like to personally thank Claudia Castro, for her tireless work on behalf of all the residents, the County and the Owners, to objectively represent the various viewpoints and for steadfastly trying to bring them into accord.  She sacrificed a great deal of her personal and family time without any compensation beyond the knowledge that she was trying to help.  I would also like to thank Ernest Turner for his insightful observations, and Chairman Tam for his very focused effort over the last 30 days, despite the multitude of other County issues before him.

The MPD/R2 zoning is in the end perhaps not ideal in the moment, but neither is it the end of the world.  Certainly the R2 portion will not be developed quickly in this market, and cannot be rezoned for at least a year.  In the meantime, we urge residents to continue to organize and to use this moment to consider solidifying your position on trading land -- not now for density, but for an end to the litigation.  After all, that really was the issue on the table during the negotiation and could still, in principal, survive.  It is entirely possible that the owners would still be motivated to donate the R2 portion for greenspace for a tax incentive, if legal actions were to cease -- a precondition to the sale of that front parcel which would in turn form the basis of desire for the owners to seek such tax relief in the first place.  In our estimation, this would require however, a fresh, new and organized narrative from the residents that surround the golf course that are not engaged in or committed to, at least initially, seeking to litigate to a solution.  

We wish you well in your future and remain available to assist any homeowner or community with their issues of balancing growth with quality of life.

Please forward this email to others in your community who were not included in the address listing.

With Very Best Regards,

Robert Slaughter
Managing Director and Founder
Smart Growth Forsyth County, Inc.