The County Planning Department HAS ISSUED a land disturbance permit for Walmart to build a 177K square foot store at the corner of Mathis Airport Parkway and HWY 141.  While SGFC is not opposed to the location of Walmart at this site, we remain opposed to the Planning Department's decision to waive the parking requirements of the Peachtree Parkway Overlay so that Walmart can build a bigger store.
SGFC has provided the County, the developer and Walmart an alternative design for a slightly smaller store (150K square feet) that would allow Walmart to meet the requirements of the Peachtree Parkway Overlay if they seek and obtain a small variance to the parking requirements of 4 spaces to every 1,000 square feet of retail.  According to the Developer, Walmart does not want to downsize claiming a loss of competitiveness with the Target nearby which is 173K square feet.
While SGFC understands the Walmart concern, SGFC maintains that it is not the business of the County to arbitrate issues of competitiveness but rather to enforce and uphold the Unified Development Code, and in this case, to defend the very hard fought standards of the Peachtree Parkway Overlay.  The Developer is claiming vested rights which SGFC does not dispute.  In fact, we side with
the County opinion on those rights.  We simply believe that both those rights and the PPO can and should be fully respected.
Please weigh in with your opinion as we consider legal recourse to further defend the PPO.


Supporting documents:

Community Group List for Walmart 9/26/2012

 County decision on vesting

SGFC Walmart letter on Alternatives

Bob Cheeley response to SGFC Alternatives