Current Issues


With the recent emergence of high density rezonings, SGFC has proposed a way to diffuse the density and increase the greenspace in our count.   Click here to view the .pdf presentation sent to our Board of Commissioners.

In short it can reduce density (as measured by the number of homes) by upwards of 30%, increase open space (green space) by about that same amount, can affect nearly all zonings in all categories and can be implemented  through some very simple wording changes to the UDC.

We are suggesting the County:

1.  Stop counting any and all buffers as open space.

2.  Stop counting non-structural storm water control practices as open space.

3.  Stop counting non-buildable land (flood plain, setbacks, etc) as open space.

4.  Apply the required open space percentage for each zoning category to the NET acres of land AFTER subtracting items 1-3 above.

5.  Change the density formula to " NET acres of land" AFTER subtracting the open space AND non-buildable areas.


We believe this will be a win-win.  Landowners property will increase in value. Densities will be forced downward and green space increased.

Click here for the full presentation.