Current Issues

SGFC believes that while the Forsyth County Transportation Bond that is on the November 4th ballot is not perfect, we feel it can work in tandem with other balanced growth initiatives as one part of a collective approach to achieiving a long term vision for what Forsyth County can become – a community that lives, works and plays together with roads, schools, homes and businesses that we can all be proud of. Our place to call home.


We believe it the best alternative to an unavoidable increase in the millage rate -- if that is a concern -- because we believe we will have to pay for improvements in some form or fashion. At least with a bond it provides for specific projects and does not land the funding into a general fund where accountability becomes problematic.


While we do not agree with all of the priority or listings of projects, the bond does provide for the timely widening of GA 400 and advances issues of traffic gridlock and commercial development in a transparent manner. Further it immediately leverages $93 Million in State and Federal funding which would otherwise not be available and frankly, won't be available on November 5th if the bond does not pass.


SGFC believes that in the end we can either pay with our money now -- or continue to pay with our time and our aggravation until we pay with our money -- later. Either way, we are going to pay.


We hope that this review of the Bond is useful in making your decision. It is Your vote, Your choice.