Current Issues

SGFC is concentrating its efforts on the County’s Ordinance Review of the Tree Ordinance, Mass Grading and Stormwater protections. Click here for an update!

SGFC has provided to the county both a revised Tree Ordinance Statement of Purpose and proposed changes to the current Tree Ordinance. Links to both documents are below.


Proposed Tree Ordinance Statement of Purpose
Proposed Changes to Forsyth County Tree Ordinance


We appreciate that Forsyth County has provided a great opportunity for residents to express their concerns and suggestions for future development with the Comprehensive Plan public meetings they have been holding over the last year. As concerned residents of the county, SGFC has made considerable effort to provide some detailed suggestions for improving the ordinance. Some of the proposed changes include:


  • Incorporating tree planning and protection at the beginning of the zoning process.
  • Empowering the arborist with significant approval power in the site planning and development process.
  • Energizing and expanding the Tree Commission to include input in the planning and zoning process.


Improvements to the existing Tree Ordinance may involve additional time and staff assistance by the county, but will greatly enhance the long-term beauty, economic value, and quality for present and future residents and businesses’ in Forsyth County. SGFC is continuing to promote these changes in the hopes of integrating them into county policy and making Forsyth County a beautiful place for everyone!