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Smart Growth Forsyth County
8720 Rhapsody Lane
Cumming, GA 30041-0517

Phone:  Managing Director - 678-907-9372

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Current Issues

Tree Ordinance

Proposed Tree Ordinance Changes

SGFC has been concentrating its efforts this year on the County's endeavor to change the Tree Ordinance, Mass Grading, and Stormwater Ordinances.


It's Action Time!


Urge your representatives to adopt the simple, 4-STEP PLAN that focuses on saving more trees and saving our best trees to ensure the protection of our quality of life.

Forsyth County is revising the Tree, Mass Grading and Stormwater Management Ordinances so the time is now to tell our elected officials that we want ordinances that put protection of our environment and quality of life before development! Read more...

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