SGFC Board Of Directors


Bob Slaughter, Managing Director and Founder

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Our family originally moved to Forsyth County in 2001 on the cusp of my deployment to Saudi Arabia with the US Army.  We bought a home in District 2, in the Bridle Ridge subdivision, and lived there until the spring of 2005, when we moved a short distance away to a home in the St. Marlo subdivision.  In the fall of 2010, I moved to a new home in District 5,  near the Dave's Creek Trail subdivision.

My initial involvement in community planning and smart growth began in the spring of 2004.   I had learned about plans for a big box development across the street from the Bridle Ridge subdivision and adjacent to the neighborhoods of Hunters Run and Laurel Springs.  This served as a wake up call to everyone in my family to the larger issue of uncontrolled, unplanned growth in our county, which has been, and remains, an unnecessary and destructive force that threatens the very things that brought us here to live in the first place.  Out of that experience grew my concept for Smart Growth Forsyth County, Inc., a non-profit, non-political, volunteer-run organization dedicated to serving the residents of Forsyth County in the pursuit of ensuring the highest and most sustainable growth and quality of life for our families.

My commitment to the SGFC organization and its effort stems from a deeply held belief that the growth process should, and can be, carefully managed.  This will allow balance between the equally important, but often competing needs of development and quality of life. Smart Growth Forsyth County is dedicated to achieving this end. I am honored to have been fortunate enough to bring SGFC to life, to lead it, and to continue to serve in various capacities within the organization.

Claudia Castro, Deputy Director

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Living in the southernmost part of Forsyth County on Brookwood Road for the past 9 years has afforded my family tremendous opportunities - proximity to great shopping, wonderful medical facilities, culturally diverse restaurants and, of course, excellent Forsyth County Schools.
When signs started appearing on Brookwood Road regarding the County's plan to widen this bucolic 8/10 of a mile stretch of road into a 4 lane highway with a 20 foot median down the center, I quickly began working with neighboring subdivisions to try to find an alternate solution, if not to stop the widening altogether.  With the help of a very "young" Smart Growth, we were able to slow down the timetable for the project and offer up a compromise - a 3 lane road (center turn lane down the entire length).  To date, the road has not been widened and major intersection improvements due the widening of State Route 141 and McGinnis Ferry Road are anxiously being awaited.  Saving the look and feel of the area and the neighborhoods and amenities that abut this well-traveled road is something I'm proud to have been a part of.
Neighbors working together with neighbors:  North, South, East and West - that's what Smart Growth is about.  We're not perfect and we don't have all the answers, but we are driven by a desire to see Forsyth County grow in a manner befitting all its residents.  Forsyth County - a great place to live, work and play - now that's SMART!


Les Dobbins, Secretary


Dee Roodehchi, Treasurer


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Jack Gleason, Environmental Compliance Officer


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Raised on Grits 'n Fried Chicken in Northern California the late '60's thru Y2K, I embrace the concepts of "Balanced-Growth" over the "eco-propaganda" some imagine influence me...that's why I joined in 2008. 

No less irritatingly-inquisitive today, as a child I questioned the prudence of dumping oil on the ground or in a stormdrain, and I once got into a fist-fight with My best-friend over his thoughtless discard of a gum-wrapper.  I've seen the San Francisco Bay dank-brown for poor stormwater management, its Delta salinated due inter-basin transfer of Sierra Snow-melt to an insatiable thurst, and Air-fouled "SMOG" due excessive dependance of automotive transportation. I saw the headwaters of Redwood Creek foul the ecology of Staulsaft Park as that "Unit Four" open-space upstream built-out with Condos...for gone were the snails and "Darters" we'd catch to feed Pet Turtles...then the Park closed.

So I grew up, married lucky, and moved to Sonoma County, Northern California -- where their "Water Wars" only raged-on too -- trying to raise a family in a sound environment.  Poor water quality, habitat destruction, and social issues evolved there when demand for "Growth and Development" combined Politics and poor planning, and the results short-sightedly put My Well and Property in a polluted flood-plain...with no liability to Government OR Business' causing its toxicity came the "hows and whys" of "Aquifers and Streams" and this epiphany:

The rampant urbanization of the S.F. Bay Area driving Us North only continued elsewhere throughout all of California, and Its demands placed upon People for "more Government" -- in terms of both size and services -- was only decimating that "Great State of..." to a degree We could no longer tolerate or overcome. In Our determination to procure only the best quality of life for our family we relocated to the rural charm and beauty of Forsyth County, GA. in June 2002.

But now it's fast becomming "Was..." for the demand placed upon its resources today, and due what some feel is entitled of their interpretations of the Fifth, Tenth, and Fourteenth Constitutional Amendments infering "We WILL develop Our property in whatever way WE seem fit!", the malaise only pervades for what negative-impacts others come to endure.  I now believe that's a flawed interpretation for My life-experience, so I embraced "Be the change You want to see!" and started "Friends of Caney", and work today with "Keep Forsyth County Beatiful" Adopt-A-Stream/Adopt-A-Road and


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